Most Exceptional Criminal Defense Attorney


My family and I reached out to David Michael Canty in desperation, sadness and most of all we were scared but we trusted in David and he was dedicated devoted and focused on making sure justice was served accordingly! Like Gary Maestas said David is a kick ass lawyer! And he definitely proved his title as a KICK AS LAWYER! And for that my family and I give him the utmost respect gratitude and recognition! IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR JUSTICE HE WILL HELP YOU GET THAT WIN!


Murder Charges


Mr. Canty was successful dismissing the murder charges my nephew was facing. Mr. Canty was always very professional, polite and would give my family the time to listen and talk about exactly what was going on with the case. We are so grateful and totally recommend him!

~Sandra B

Far Above My Expectations!


Mr. Canty was professional, thorough and very informative since day one. My son had gotten into some trouble and Mr. Canty was not judgmental. He was kind and patient with my many questions as a concerned mom. Mr. Canty always responded to my message’s within the next day even if it was just to tell me he was looking into getting me the correct answer. After my sons case had been resolved, Mr. Canty took the time to meet with my son and explained the process going forward.

Mr. Canty, Thank you for making such a horrible situation somehow tolerable. You went far above my expectations.

~Cindy C

A Home Run Trial Lawyer


Hello my name is Antonio. I’d first like to state that I never write reviews. However, when I heard that Mr. Canty was starting a private practice, and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share my story. I was wrongly accused of a crime but because of my gang background and extensive criminal history no one would hear me or believe me. Mr. Canty did. After hearing my story he was able to see the inconsistencies that raised more questions than answers. He is thorough and over extends his responsibilities by regularly making jail visits and keeping family informed. He even told me how , throughout the whole trial, he noted how my story never changed. That really made me feel like he was listening and cared personally about my case and freedom. I was charged with robbery and assault with a deadly weapon and I truly believe that without the representation of Mr. Canty, I would not be free today. It would’ve been my third strike. I can proudly say that since the 2015 case I have been in school every year since, and I have worked full-time as well. I have enjoyed family friends and grandchildren thanks to Mr. Canty. He is a peoples champion and pulls all the stops. Truth prevails, is what I always said to him through trial. It’s all I had. With that he went to bat for me and won. Do you want someone who is going to fight for you? Look no further, Mr. Canty will not disappoint you. Thank you again Mr. Canty, for helping me keep my freedom.




I would trust Mr. Canty to defend my family member or close friend. He has more skills in criminal defense than most of the defense bar and a wide breadth of experience. He works hard and is intelligent and trustworthy.

~Katherine E



David is a fantastic lawyer who fights hard for his clients. He is very experienced, knows the courts inside and out, and juries love him because he is down to earth and approachable. He is organized, responsive, and passionate about his work, and he will make sure his clients get the best defense possible.

~Meghan M.



Well to start off, what I can say about Mr. Canty, he’s helped me with my case and is a very good, professional and experienced attorney. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal case resolved not only is he professional, he’s also punctual. That’s what counts. He approached and resolved my case in my best interest!

~Anthony G.

Very Responsive


My experience with having David Canty represent me in a very serious case was outstanding, David is very responsive to any questions or concerns that you may have. He really listens to you and is a very experienced lawyer. One thing I appreciate about David was how calm he was throughout my case and how much he was willing to fight the case till the very end. David is the best lawyer in Los Angeles / SoCal.


Best Lawyer


Greatest lawyer you can get. Definitely knows his $hit! Best lawyer out there!

~T. Man

Resolved Quickly


I had been given a notice of an issue that had taken place in California regarding my daughter and a legal issue. Unsure on who to contact because we are from Michigan and have no ties to any lawyers in that area I called David Canty. With his experience and passion to help me out and resolve our situation by contacting the courts and set up a resolution quickly to get my daughter out of trouble it exonerated her of wrong doing thru one of the judges. They established a program to help make this happen. Thank you David !